Our engagement work

Accounts Commission engagement

Our annual engagement strategy identifies who our stakeholders are, the reasons why we engage with them and the methods or channels we will use to engage with them. Our engagement plan outlines when we will carry out these activies during the year.

We also publish a strategy and annual action plan which sets out priorities for our work and how we will take them forward over the next five years.

Who our stakeholders are and why we want to engage with them

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We engage with a wide range of stakeholders. We want to be clear about why we are engaging with these stakeholders and the messages that we want to convey to them.

Most importantly, we want to ensure that we are clear on our purpose and activities, and what this means for them.

But we recognise that the requirements of each stakeholder – and how they may make use of our work to fulfil their own responsibilities - will be different, so we will use different ways of engaging with different stakeholders.


How do we engage

Commission engagement



Accounts Commission reports

Read about the Commission's annual report

The Commission's annual report page includes highlights from the report along with progress reports on both last year's Action Plan and Engagement Plan.