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Audit Scotland supports the improvement of public services by looking at how public money is spent, and whether policies are achieving desired outcomes for individuals and bodies. We do this through our annual audits of individual public sector bodies and through more specific audits of local and national digital and ICT programmes.

Below, Gemma Diamond and Morag Campsie talk about some of the work we've done in this area and why it's important.

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Our Digital audit strategy (PDF 436Kb) sets out the three main components of digital audit:

Digital auditing

Using digital technology, tools and technologies to support and deliver audit work. Making best use of available data to inform audits.

Auditing digital

Taking a flexible and risk-based approach to auditing digital public services. Integrating digital risks into our performance and financial audits and developing products to add value to stakeholders.

Digital capacity and resilience

Working across the organisation to involve the right experience and skills in the right places. To upskill our workforce to support digital audit and ensure our resilience.

We have created this hub to pull together different resources from our past auditing digital work and that of others. It also sets out our future plans. We intend to publish further resources and guidance, including fact sheets on specific digital topics.


Digital timeline



Our reports feature several exhibits that visualise complex data and processes in an accessible and informative way. See the examples below or click on our reports to find out more.


Our digital work includes an overarching guide of lessons learned from public sector ICT projects, and reports on digital related programmes for central government, infrastructure and health.


Future work


Continue to monitor digital programmes at a local level through annual audit work




Scottish Parliament

Giving evidence to Parliament

EURORAI conference

Conferences and other activities

We take part in a range of engagement activities to spread the word about our work on digital in the public sector in Scotland. Senior Manager Gemma Diamond and Audit Manager Morag Campsie spoke at the recent events listed below. 

Other research briefings, reports and tools

National Audit Office

UK Audit offices

The National Audit Office (NAO) has produced the following reports and guidance on digital and cyber security related issues :

Information on good practice is also available from the Welsh Audit Office’s seminar ‘Inspiring public services to deliver independence and well-being through digital ambition’ hosted in June 2018.

A collection of international Publications on Digital Government is available from the OECD, ranging from 2003 - present.


Government guidance

Government information

The Scottish Government and UK Government, and Scottish Local Government Digital Office (LGDO) provide the following strategies and guidance:

Digital Advisory Panel

Audit Scotland’s Digital Advisory Panel provides expertise and advice to our digital focused audit work. Members sit on the panel in an advisory capacity only. The content and conclusions of reports presented to the panel are the sole responsibility of Audit Scotland. We would like to thank the advisory panel for their ongoing input to our work:

  • Charlie Anderson, Fife Council
  • Professor Bill Buchanan, Napier University
  • Rab Campbell, Wallet Services
  • Colin Cook, Scottish Government
  • Mandy Haeburn-Little, Scottish Business Resilience Centre
  • Alexander Holt, Scottish Government
  • Geoff Huggins, NHS Education for Scotland Digital Service
  • Stephen Ingledew, FinTech Scotland
  • Steven Kyle, Dundee City Council
  • David McNeill, Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations
  • Deryck Mitchelson, NHS National Services Scotland
  • Alastair O’Brien, Incremental Group
  • Penni Rocks, Scottish Government
  • Max Tse, National Audit Office
  • Martyn Wallace, Local Government Digital Office

Get in touch

To discuss Audit Scotland’s work on digital or let us know what you think about this page, please contact:

Gemma Diamond

Gemma Diamond, Senior Manager

Morag Campsie

Morag Campsie, Audit Manager